Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Giveaway

Yep that's right =) I'm having my first giveaway here on "shining bright critique group" 
I will be giving away two very amazing books! I have read both of these and I can personally say that these are two of my favorite books! They are just splendid =)

The first book I am giving away is...

 Lily: Song of the River book #1 


^ It says kindle edition but I'm giving away a real paperback book! ^

& the second book

The Tutor's Daughter 


^ this will also be a paperback book. ^


OK, so I hope that two lucky winners will be able to get these books and throughly enjoy reading them! I sure enjoyed reading both of these books by these great authors =) If you'd like to read each books summary just click on the tittles above!


Here is how it works:

You just comment below stating that you want to enter my giveaway and put which book you would like to receive! The giveaway winners will be announced: October 3rd


Mandatory entry:

You must be a follower or member of "shining bright critique group"


Extra entries:

Follow my blog: Daughter of the King 

Put my blog button on your blogs sidebar

Do a blog post about this giveaway 

Hope you all have a great day! Hope many of you all enter =) 



  1. I would love to enter! :) Honestly.. I do not care which book! :D I am a follower of this blog and Daughter of the king.

    Xoxo. Kayla

  2. I want to enter! I so want to enter both...! But, I guess I have to choose one, let me think.... hmm... I have to go with Lily: Sound of the River! :D I am a member/follower (i follow privately) on this blog, I follow (privately) on Daughter of the King, I have put this blog's button on Books, Books, Books!'s sidebar, and I posted about it there too! :D

    Thanks for doing all of this, Britt! :)

  3. Woohoo! I'm entering!
    P.S. Oh, and sorry about never getting back to you on the post, I just started school so I'm quite busy. :P I'll try to do it, though!

    1. Oops! I didn't say which book I was entering for. Good thing I checked back! I'd like the Tutors Daughter, please!

  4. I want The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen!

  5. I follow you and your other blog! :) And your button (Daughter of the King) is on my blog!

  6. I would like to enter for The Tutors Daughter as it looks the most exciting. (-: I follow both this blog and Daughter of the King. (Some of my favorite blogs!)
    God bless,

  7. A giveaway! Um...lets see I would like The Tutors Daughter. I follow this blog and your other one. But I don't know how to get your button from your blog because there is no 'grab box'. How do I do that? Going to do a blog post if I get a chance!

    1. Hey Mary, for some reason my email will not let you reply to anything i send--either that or, you're not getting any of my emails. :p

    2. O, um...My email was down for awhile. :-\ Its fixed now though! :-) I was about to let you know when I cam over here to look at the comments. You can probably just resend any emails you have sent.

  8. I want to enter!!! YAY!!! More books! :D I really want both, so if I can I will be for both! Thanks for this giveaway! Oh and I already follow your blog, and have your blog on the side bar of mine! Can't wait to see who's the winner!