Hey there! My name is Brittney and I am the author of this blog/group/club. I made this group for other teen writers like myself who want to get a book published one day but doesn't have any feedback and needs some help! This group was made to bring girls together and to make new friends, discover new writing styles, hear some writing advice, and have a personal partner to critique their books. I choose a partner for each teen based on their writing genre, and other things. When you have a critique partner you share your book with others starting by showing them one chapter at a time.
(I suggest that you don't share your complete finished book because if you do get it published you do want them to buy your finished copy =)
After they read it they send back to you a critique of what they liked,etc. If you have something you want them to particularly critique (ex. Dialogue) just ask them how it is and if they could critique it (tell you what needs improvement, or what is good) 
*Note to Critiques* DO NOT tell your partner that you do not like their writing style, etc. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, and everyone has a different writing style. tell them how they can improve grammar, dialogue, thicker characters, etc. but do not get too opinionated. Remember this is their book not yours.

I hope that many of you will get your books published in the near future =) And when you do please tell me for I can put your book on my sidebar for people can buy it! And I will also do a blog post about it. If you enjoy being a member of the "Shining Bright critique group" please pass the word around. If you have a blog please take the blog button on the sidebar and put it on your blog. Thank you and if you all have any questions at all please feel free to ask. I'd be glad to help!

Your fellow writer,
        Brittney Johnson