How it works

This is how our critique group works.
First you must tell me if you want to either
A. Be a Critique
B. Have your book Critiqued
C. both

Second of all you must tell me what genre you are interested in! Ex. Fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, adventure,etc...

After you give me this information I will then hook you up with a critique partner based on your genre, etc.


If you have a certain person that you know is part of this group and you'd like to be their partner just request them as your partner.

If you end up getting your book published after you are finished and you partisipated in this critique group I will put an add space on the sidebar for your book, and I will also do a post about it =) 

List of teens in the critique group thus far:

Me (Brittney Johnson)
Hannah J.
Anna Storyteller 
Kayla Hubbard
Christina L.
Mary B.
TW Wright

Please email or comment if you are interested in joining this group =)


  1. Ok, in my other comment i forgot to put what genre i'm writing.

    well, right now i have 2 books going on:

    a fantasy
    a modern fiction

    (btw, i already have 1 critique partner in a different critique group. it's ok to have 2 right?)

    1. OK great =) ya it's totally fine!

    2. Oh, just thought about this some more. can I have a fantasy writer as a critique partner? Because my other CP is critiquing my modern fiction book. And she does a (maybe modern) fiction too. so i need a fantasy writer as my other CP. (does this make sense?) thanks britt for putting this together!!!! :D

      Abrielle Lindsay

    3. Yep I'm on it =) That actually works out better because I have some other girls who are into writing fantasy!

  2. Hey, i do mild horror (not a lot of details or scary stuff) and fantasy. i really hope i find a good partner :D

    1. OK thanks so much for stopping by =) Could you please give me your email address for I can get you hooked up with a partner?

  3. I posted already that I'm going to join, but by the way, I'm interested in Mystery, Fantasy, and Modern Day fiction. I'm going to post my alternate email: thegirlbehindmyworld{at}

  4. I failed to say what genre I'd like to critique, I think--I write fantasy, but I would be fine critiquing any genre.

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  6. I would love to join!

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